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Sub-blog: Consulting Giants

I’ve decided to launch a sub-blog for Thirsty Alexis : Consulting Giants. Just for a side note, I have come to find out ‘Blogger’ is more user-friendly than WordPress especially in HTML codings.

The objectives of Consulting Giants is basically knowledge share for aspiring management consultants including myself to equip ourselves to be a successful management consultant in near future. While preparing myself for it, I thought why not share what I know with others? ? If you strive to launch a career as a successful management consultant, I strongly recommend you to feed the RSS.

Consulting Giants will cover

  • Management Consulting Industry Trend
  • Management Consulting Firms’ News
  • Management Consulting Basics
  • Tips on How to Become a Successful MC
  • Other Relevant Resource

Check it out! Stay tuned –


As this is a private project of mine, read it with a grain of salt; everything published on Consulting Giants does only reflect my point of view.

-Thirsty Alexis