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2nd Half Marathon – 12/20/09

#2 – 12/20/09

2009 Jacksonville Bank Half Marathon

Personal Record – 02:05 !!! – 6 mins faster than the 1st half marathon!

Age Group Rank 38/86, Total 656/1214

Driving all the way to Jacksonville, FL by myself was such a labor. Haha I couldn’t get enough sleep for some reason and felt tired on the race day. Not only was I dehydrated, but also I was hungry before and during the race. Regardless of my condition, I pushed myself to the limit. The stomachache I had during the race did not help, though.

I just kept running, and running. 13.1 was a long way to go.

When I ran across the finish line, I almost cried feeling some sort of emotional catalyst.

After the race, I over-satisfied hydrated and fed myself with probably over 50 delicious Florida oranges at the post-race.

Overall, it was a good race and was very happy that I could also explore the city.