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A long due update & life’s purpose in 5 mins


Wow. Lots of things have happened in my life since I wrote my last blog post. Time flies..

Here are top 5 updates / accomplishments:

1. Graduated college finally! after 3 transfers with the highest honors

2. Became a management consultant (including a recent promotion!)

3. Moved to NYC / NJ

4. Paid off my student loan!!!

5. Visited different countries (Mexico, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, St. Lucia, Taiwan, and Canada)

6. Picked up new hobbies – golf and snowboarding!

I was able to manage my time working full time and studying full time back in school. And now, I haven’t even managed to sit down, reflect myself, examine my values and principles, think about my goals, vision and the direction. No wonder I haven’t even updated my blog! Regardless of things I have accomplished so far, I still think about the purpose of my life. What’s my life all about? If you are in the same boat, here is one of the TED videos I recommend watching: