Thirsty Alexis

Journey to Quench that Insatiable Thirst for Knowledge

Practice the 5 Ws Every Morning!


# Who: Whose life will I touch today, and who will touch mine?

# What: What will my goals be today, what will engage and connect me with my life?

# Where: Where will my life take me today–both literally and metaphorically?

# When: When will I have the most energy today; when will I find time for peace and quiet?

# Why: Why am I visualizing my day as I am–is there anything I want to re-imagine in a more positive light before I start?

Hope everyone has an energetic Monday!!! I know I am excited to start off a new week!!


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  the count wrote @

Just found this blog by Hugh Macleod – it mostly seems like the ravings of a madman, but he has some good stuff here and there. Like this one: “Choosing an easy life rarely ends up with much of either.”


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